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Childhood Obesity Action Plan


Action on Sugar

Subject Keywords: Sugar, Obesity, Marketing, Salt reduction, Physical activity, Soft drink
Set: Obesity
Type: Strategy
Region: United Kingdom

Campaign group, Action on Sugar has been called upon by the Coalition Government to address the childhood obesity crisis. Action on Sugar has responded with a strategy document of SEVEN critical areas of policy to prevent childhood obesity in the UK.

With one in five 10-11 year olds now obese and one in three overweight, the plan details the following key actions to change the food environment, which is responsible for the obesity epidemic:

1. Reduce added sugars by 40% by 2020 by reformulating (similar to the CASH salt reduction programme)
2. Cease all forms of targeted marketing of ultra-processed, unhealthy foods and drinks to children
3. Disassociate physical activity with obesity via banning junk food sports sponsorships
4. Reduce fat in ultra-processed foods, particularly saturated fat – 15% reduction by 2020
5. Limit the availability of ultra-processed foods and sweetened soft drinks as well as reducing portion size
6. Incentivise healthier food and discourage drinking of soft drinks by introducing a sugar tax
7. Remove responsibility for nutrition from the Department of Health and return it back to an independent agency



Rights: © Action on Sugar
Suggested citation:

Action on Sugar. (2014) Childhood Obesity Action Plan [Online]. Available from: [Accessed: 27th May 2018].


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